Die-forged compression limiter

BM-Boulonnerie manufactures die-forged compression limiters..

These compression limiters whose primary function is to contain the pressures of the fasteners and to protect the assembly of the plastic components, facilitate installation and removal of the assemblies.

The compression limiters are part of the plastic inserts family.

There are two main categories:

  • firstly there are overmoulded compression limiters
  • secondly there are, crimped compression limiters but their installation adds an extra cost.

Several shapes can be used, usually they are symmetrical which simplifies their installation others have a larger support head for more demanding applications.

Materials used for compression limiters

The compression limiters are manufactured in different materials to meet the different fastening constraints of the plastic assemblies:

steels together with their heat treatments meet the highest requirements, brass, aluminium, stainless steel are the materials most commonly used in the industry.

Surface treatments for compression limiters facilitate frictional stresses and eliminate corrosion problems.


BM-Boulonnerie manufactures die-forged compression limiters to customer plans and can also offer various economical fastening solutions for plastic components.

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